Easter Egg Photo Shoot

Easter Egg Photo Shoot

Experimenting with photo sizes and watermark usage.

I would like to tell you a little bit about this photo session, it was actually done in two different sessions about a week apart because not everyone involved could all be there the same day. My wonderful creative sister in laws came up with a plan to have the grandkids photos taken with easter eggs. They purchased most of the props of beautifully colored eggs and cute fuzzy bunny ears. Some of the other props we already had on hand such as blankets and baskets. We at met at one of the sister’s house who has this wonderful fireplace that she decorates accordingly throughout the year. The kids had a good time and were very cooperative. One of the tricks is to keep it short and sweet. Everyone gets tired when the photo session takes too long.

Sparkly easter eggs!

Not exactly etable.

Hard to get several kids to cooperate all at the same time and confusing for them when they have more than one photographer/adult present.

Where to look?!

I myself like photos from above, gives a perspective that we don’t always see.

When personalities shine through. 🙂

Beautiful blue eyes but I see we need a little more correction to get the red-eye out. :O

Startled baby look!

The weiner dogs were not as cooperative as the children but they make a cute ending. 🙂

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