Julie Sanch’s Back Road Photography

For as long as I can remember I had this feeling that I could “see things in pictures” meaning that I would look at things, landscapes and people, and envision how that shot would make a nice framed photo. I feel that everyone must surely look at the world in this way but I have personaly found great satisfaction in using the tools at hand making this dream come true.

As a young woman I was interested in computers and computer graphics. I wanted to make cute greeting card pictures and fonts from scratch. I wanted to make those glittery pictures that move. One of my first classes beyond high school was an Adobe Photoshop class. I put a lot of time and effort into creating borders for photos, captions/headings and editing photos; as in removing bits from the photo that may make it unattractive. I have scanned and restored old photos, removing scratches, sharpening and color corrections.

I was eventually gifted a camera and started taking pictures of my own, then, small children, animals, trees; anything I could focus on and I have not put the camera down since. I have upgraded my Canon camera a few times, incorporated a few new lenses. Googling tutorials is a favorite past time. Researching artists techniques, attempting to duplicate and discovering my own sense in the meantime. Gradually I learned how to edit pictures and have since discovered that there is no end to the learning, the interest, the undiscovered inspiration around us and this only shifts the needs into something new.

I enjoy working with people, trying new things, going to events and capturing the moments as best I can through the eye of the camera lens. I am my own worst critic. I feel I am at my best when I have the freedom to do it my way. I also feel most satisfied when I have fulfilled a client’s expectations of their vision. There is a give and take within the meeting of goals within an artistic capacity.  I strive to meet ours.

For 10 years I worked in the Early Childhood setting while my children were small and going to school and at this time I received my Child Development Associate’s degree. I have since left the teaching role and am working in an administration setting in the hospital.

My husband and I and our two dogs have recently moved to Gregory, this is my first move out of Howell and I have always lived in Livingston County. I do enjoy traveling and seeing new places but believe we have much beauty right here in Michigan and I intend to continue my explorations. I particularly enjoy the rural settings and natural woodlands. I hope that as much as the portraits my clients will also enjoy prints of my impictions of landscapes and wildlife in our area.


Thanks for all your hard work and the great pictures. you captured the day! Linda

- July 2017

We have used Julie as our photographer for years. She has photographed our wedding, family photos, even our newborn twins. Her style is creative and she is easy to work with! Jessica

Thank you for helping me to recreate photos to send to my parents for a Christmas present. Jenna

- December 2016

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